Rain brings rest,relief and rainbow especially when it is the
month of July.In June,the scroching sun and its sizzling and
stifling heat burn our bodies and make our life miserable.
During this month going to school or college or readingany
book or doing any domestic work seeme to be a severe
punishment.But July brings joyes that are showered on us
in the shape of rain-drops.I still remember a similar day.
It was,perhaps,the 1st July.The sun hot and bright.Its rays
were like needles pricking our bodies.The wind was like the blast
of a furnace.Everybody was perspiring from top to toe.Roads and
streets were deserted and desolat.Birds,beasts and men all wanted
to sit in the shade and drink cold water.With their dry tongues
they were praying for rain.At about four in the evening,a patch of
cloud appeared in the sky.soon cool and pleasant breeze to blow.Then
lightning flashed across the sky and a loud thunder filled the air.
With it,the rain began to fall. Within a short time it was raining cats
and dogs.Everybody heavwd a sigh of relief.Children came out of their
houses and began playing in the streets.They were shouting and dancing
and were throwing muddy water on one another.When somebody slipped on the
rooad,laughed heartily,but ran to help him.In the houses,their own elders
were equally happy and were enjoying the rain in their own manner.They
prepared traditional dishes as"pakorae'and"halwa".The rain continued for
an hour.When it stopped,there appeared rainbow in the sky.Everything looked
washed and clean.The earth was wet and soft.The trees and the grass were fresh
and green.They streets were full rushing muddy water.Children came back home.
They took off their wet clothes and soaking shoes and washed their bodies
with clean water.The rain was,no doubt,a blessing for the weather-beaten and
heat stricken people.But it became a curse for those unfortunate people who
were living in mud houses in lowlying areas.These areas had keep water.Many
mud houses collapsed and a number of children were injred.This is what life
is tears and laughter go side by side.

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