An intranet is an internal private computer network or connection of one or more computer networks, whose use and access is restricted to an organization and its employees. Transfer of data over this kind of a network is controlled using the internet protocols like hyper text transfer protocol (HTTP) and file transfer protocol (FTP). These kind of networks are used for ease of information sharing and communication in companies. In industries based on the Information technology sector, having intranets is absolutely necessary as their work involves a lot of data sharing. Read more on 'Benefits of Intranet to Business'.

The very fact that you are accessing information is through the Internet, shows that you have an idea of what the internet or 'International Network' can do for you. Take small networks spread in a small region of your city, then integrate it with other such small networks to form local area networks. Then integrate all such local area networks to form a wide area network of computers. Next integrate such wide area networks into a national network and then join all such national networks together and what you will get is the Internet! It is a single network that connects computers all over the world using Internet protocols, which make information sharing and routing possible. The main point of difference between intranet and Internet is, that while intranet involves the networking of a few hundred computers, Internet is a network of more than billion computers spread worldwide! Read more on 'Internet Technology'.

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