Criminology- Past Papers

1. Define the term crime? How would you distinguish it from tort-[A/08]
2. Crime is a product of poor economic conditions coupled with social exploitation-[A/08]
3. Discuss the causes of Juvenile Delinquency with special reference to Pakistan-[A/08]
4. Distinguish between blue collar crime and white collar crime. Is any system of control of white collar crime in Pakistan -[A/08]
5. What is criminal justice –What are different theories of punishment -[A/08] -[A/11]
6. Positive school of criminologists focused its attention on the personality of the offender, Discuss this school with reference to Cesar Lombroso,s -[A/08]
7. What method may be adopted for the treatment criminals in prisons to make them good and useful citizen-[A/08]
8. Discuss the programme which you consider to be appropriate for the prevention of crimes in the society-[A/08]
9. What do you understand by the principle of vicarious liability in crime -[A/08]
10. What is motive? Distinguish it from intention-[A/08]
11. Write detail note on
a. Blue Collar Crime b. Role of drugs in crime
12. Explain Individualistic and Environmental approaches of Crime -[A/11]
13. Discuss the characteristics of Organized Crime and their types which are preventive in society-[A/11]
14. What is Habitual Offender – Relevant provisions in Cr.P.C-[A/11]
15. Define negligence and different theories of negligence-[A/11]
16. Discuss different kinds of punishments as provided in PPC-[A/11]
17. Crime and Delinquency are outcome of Social Structural disorder-[A/11]
18. Discuss Actus Rea as an essential ingredient of crime-[A/11]
19. Discuss role of Police in society .Measure to change Thana culture in our society-[A/11]

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