Most of MCQS are not directly related with the Handouts so it is very difficult to find the correct answers, I have taken out the Questions only, some of question I have written the word definition or Define those are confirmed definitions.
Prepare the Highlighted (Green) Topics
These are some of the answers and some are the head of topic you must prepare all.

Multiple Choice Questions (1 Mark Each)
1. The General Agreement of Tariffs & Trade is established to Facilitate:
Reduction in the Tariffs
Removing the Trade Barriers
Elimination of all the discrimination in international Trade
All of the Above
2. What are the reasons for the increase in the global Marketing?
Expansion in business
Segmentation properly
Market Expansion
All of the Above
3. What is process known as when a firm sells the brand of any other firm?
4. A firm has chosen franchising over an independent Business Style due to:
High Initial Cost
More Profitable
Free decision Making
None of the Above
5. The objectives of AGM includes:
6. A partner who only contributes is the capital but does not take part in the management of the business is known as
Sleeping Partner
7. Which form of the business organization can easily be dissolved
Sole Proprietorship

8. Which of the following is an example of construction industry
All of the above

9. when an organization is hiring employees from outside a country is know as
outsourcing (this option is correct but not given in the paper)
All of the above
10. which of the following is not included in the planning process
11. Which of the following is included in the management Functions
12. In what part of Marketing, unsatisfied wants of the people are satisfied:
Product oriented Marketing
Social Marketing
Objective Marketing
Profit oriented
13. Definition of Marketing
14. what MBO explains for an individual
15. Definition of Expectancy Theory
16. Maslows theory Includes
17. Classical theory for motivation explains
18. Which of the following measure are adopted to check the physical Ability of a candidate?
Aptitude test
None of the above
19. which of the following explains the Duties and Responsibilities of a job
Job Describtion
20. which of the following statement is true for the Stakeholders
all those persons who are effected by the operations of the business whether directly or indirectly
21. The Liability of the partner in the cooperative society is:
22. Which of the following is the component of Business
Both industry and commerce
None of the above
23. In the case of public limited. If the number of members falls below ______, company may be declared dissolved by the court.
None of the above
24. What kind of capital is kept in hand in the case of winding up of company for the payments of Debts?
Reserve Capital
Issued capital
Paid up capital
Subscribed Capital
25. AOA includes:
26. Which of the following includes in the disadvantage of Co-operative Society?
27. Which of the following environmental forces that cannot be controlled by anyone?
External Environment
28. Missing

Q # 29 (Marks 5)
Define Business Ethics and what is its importance?

Q # 30 (Marks 5)
Explain the Reinforcement Theory

Q # 31 (Marks 3)
What is the criticism on the Maslows theory?

Q # 32 (Marks 3)
What are the major factors that influence the new Business?

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